Production Run Quality Standards

CVTG is tooled to produce glass in accordance with ASTM International C 1036: Standard Specification for Flat Glass and ASTM International C 1048: Standard Specification for Heat Treated Flat Glass. All general production run glass produced by CVTG is defined by ASTM as q3 grade and shall fall within these standards.

For a complete copy of ASTM C 1036 and ASTM C1048 please contact a CVTG representative.

General Scope: This standard covers 3MM (1/8”) – 6MM (1/4”) quality specifications of clear, patterned or tinted monolithic, flat glass, cut to size and are to be primarily used for architectural glazing applications (q3 Grade).

  • Edge Shell Chip:
    1. Chip Depth: ≤ 50% the thickness of the glass
    2. Chip Width: ≤ Glass Thickness or ¼” whichever is greater
    3. Chip Length: ≤ 2 times the chip width
  • Size/Dimensional Tolerances:
    1. Width & Height: +/- 1/16″
    2. Squareness: 5/64″
  • Linear Blemishes/Scratches:
    1. Scratches visible from more than 132″ (11ft) away are not permissibles
    2. Scratches visible from 40″ – 132″ away are only permissible if separated by more than 24”
    3. “Light” Scratches visible from 8″ – 39″ are permissible

Select Grade (q2) quality glass is available in some product offerings. Please contact CVTG for further details on Select Grade quality offerings.