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Welcome to Cleer Vision Windows! We specialize in the production of high quality, high value aluminum frame windows for the specialty vehicle industry. Our windows are engineered and built specifically to enhance the performance and appearance of your product. As leaders in the industries we serve we view each of our unique customers as partners in the business of exceeding the needs of the end user. Our 80,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility allows us to keep all of our expertise and experience under one roof while offering the capacity required to satisfy all your window needs.
Welcome to Cleer Vision Tempered Glass! Started in 2011, we are dedicated to providing high quality, short lead time tempered solutions to the many markets we serve. Our plant utilizes CNC cutting machinery along with automated laser logo and touch-less seaming equipment to reduce the opportunities for handling damage. With a 72” continuous furnace, we have the capacity to handle jobs of all sizes.

When you’re looking for the best in windows and tempered glass,

make the CLEER choice!

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