Leading-edge tempered glass solutions
With our state-of-the-art highly automated facility and stringent quality control systems, we are proud to offer our customers leading-edge tempered glass solutions with applications in numerous markets. We have the capacity with our 72” continuous furnace to handle jobs of all sizes and still insure the highest standards for quality control. Our plant utilizes CNC cutting machinery along with automated laser logo and touch-less seaming equipment to reduce the risk for handling damage. We are independently certified in Guardian’s exclusive Platinum Fabricator program, certified by PPG to process their various coated glass products, and certified for ECE regulation 43.01. Cleer Vision tempered glass products meet or exceed made in America standards.


About Tempered Glass

The process of tempering glass involves rapidly heating then rapidly cooling the product. This transformation makes the glass significantly stronger than non-tempered glass and when broken leaves small, crumbled pieces rather than large, jagged shards that can cause injuries.

Cutting and Fabrication

There are an infinite number of shapes and sizes that can be produced at the Cleer Vision Tempered Glass facility in Elkhart, Indiana. In addition, there are also numerous fabrication options available to enhance glass products such as various edges that can be added or custom holes that can be drilled. It is important to remember that most fabrication options must be performed prior to the tempering process. For example, once glass has been tempered it cannot be cut again or have holes drilled.



With our CNC cutting equipment, it is possible to cut and temper glass pieces as small as 7” X 7” to as large as 70” X 70” to accommodate custom orders in a wide range of sizes. We can happily make almost any shape your industry may require providing edgework or hole drilling as needed for individual job specifications.

If you require shapes that are not square or rectangular, we can fabricate glass in many other custom shapes. All we need are the dimensions and or description in your order. If you have additional questions, contact the Cleer Vision sales development team to discuss the full range of specialty shapes available.

Hole Drilling

Our glass can be drilled before the tempering process creating holes of varying sizes to suit a range of needs. Our capabilities range from a 1/8” hole up to 2 ½” custom drilled holes in the glass.

Special Certifications

We have been independently certified in Guardian’s exclusive Platinum Fabricator program. This program rigorously defines the process measurements, reporting and quality control standards that must be followed to ensure on-going certification within the program. In addition, we are similarly certified by PPG to process their various coated glass products.

We are also certified for ECE regulation 43.01. ECE is the European standard of quality for importing glass in the non-passenger vehicle market. With this certification, Cleer Vision Tempered Glass can process privacy and non-privacy glass in a variety of colors, thicknesses and sizes. If your business includes the export of class N3 vehicles, Cleer Vision Tempered Glass is certified to process your glass.


Find the type and size of glass you need using our chart below. Though this chart outlines our most popular glass products, it is not a complete list of Cleer Vision offerings as we have the ability to bring in and process virtually any other commercially available glass product through our global network of suppliers if volume warrants for custom orders.

COLOR1/8" (3mm)5/32" (4mm)3/16" (5mm)1/4" (6mm)(10mm)
Standard ClearYYYYY
Dark Gray (Graylite/privacy)YYYYN
Azurlite (Blue)YNNNN
Solar BronzeYYYYN
Solar Gray (Light Gray)YYYYN
Solex Green (Automotive Green)YNNNN
Solar Ban 60 Low E AYNNNN
Solar Ban 60 Low E HTYNNNN
Climaguard 71/38 HTYNNNN
Climaguard 71/38 AYNNNN
Climaguard 71/38 Low E HTYYNNN
Climaguard 71/38 Low E AYYNNN
Obscure (P-62/P-516)YNYNN
Satin EtchYNNYY
Solar Ban 70YNNNN
Black Satin EtchYNNNN
Reflective BronzeNNNYN
Sungate 500 Low ENNYNN
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Standard on all glass edges, seamed edges are free of burrs or sharp pieces that can cause injury but do not have a satin polished look or feel. This option is included in our standard pricing at no additional charge.


Pencil edging has a more glossy or polished look and feel. This is a more decorative style of edgework for a table top or a shelf.


CVTG is tooled to produce glass in accordance with ASTM International C 1036: Standard Specification for Flat Glass and ASTM International C 1048: Standard Specification for Heat Treated Flat Glass. All general production run glass produced by CVTG is defined by ASTM as q3 grade and shall fall within these standards.

For a complete copy of ASTM C 1036 and ASTM C1048 please contact a CVTG representative.


This standard covers 3MM (1/8”) – 6MM (1/4”) quality specifications of clear, patterned or tinted monolithic, flat glass, cut to size and are to be primarily used for architectural glazing applications (q3 Grade).


  1. Chip Depth: ≤ 50% the thickness of the glass
  2. Chip Width: ≤ Glass Thickness or ¼” whichever is greater
  3. Chip Length: ≤ 2 times the chip width


  1. Width & Height: +/- 1/16″
  2. Squareness: 5/64″


  1. Scratches visible from more than 132″ (11ft) away are not permissibles
  2. Scratches visible from 40″ – 132″ away are only permissible if separated by more than 24”
  3. “Light” Scratches visible from 8″ – 39″ are permissible

Select Grade (q2) quality glass is available in some product offerings. Please contact CVTG for further details on Select Grade quality offerings.